Online Personal Training

$3,000.00 every 6 months

  • Custom Meal Plans
    • Keto, General (IIFYM) , Low Carb, Bulking, Cutting, Vegetarian (Your choice!)
  • Personalized Workout Programs (gym or home)
  • Body Weight Only Bonus Workouts
  • Fast fat burning cardio routines
  • Same Day Email Support

Why do my clients keep getting results?

Results come down to three main factors:

1 – Every program, both diet and exercise, is customized to YOU and updated as you progress.

2 – We take the complex process of working out your macronutrient requirements, what to eat and how much, then make it really simple and fun to follow. Everything is delivered through your own mobile app complete with recipes, shopping lists and instructional videos.

3 – The science comes down to working out the EXACT number of calories you need and the correct macronutrient split of protein, carbohydrates and fats to achieve your goals.


My name is Andy Fradelakis aka ATGG and I specialize in life-changing transformations.  I have helped people around the world gain musclelose body fat and become stronger and more toned with my online training program, which I customize for each of my clients.

Your customized online personal training program is based on information you share with me about your daily activity levels, food preferences, allergies, and personal fitness goals.  I update all of your meal plans and workout plans on a monthly basis to keep your meals and fitness routines fresh.  Many of my clients are still with me after several years.   To those who can prove their progress, I also offer online personalized coaching and mentoring to maximize your potential for extreme results!

What are the benefits of using digital training over going to the local gym?

The benefits of online training begin with its affordability!  My program is much more cost effective than paying a personal trainer $70 – $100 per hour at the gym for a one-on-one session.  Your gym trainer will also never include a personalized meal plan.   Remember, your biggest wins will come from a change to your diet!

Developed over years of hands-on training and experience, I offer real-time online personal training that is designed just for you, no matter your fitness level or body type. I will give you the training program, diet tips, advice, and motivation to help you get the body you want.

Join #TEAMZIMA now and let’s work together to smash your goals!